School Tours

School Tours

The Nyanda Nudgee Water holes tours are a unique opportunity to learn about the First Nation People in a beautifully preserved natural area, so close to a major Australian city.
Nyanda is the Yagara word for waterhole or lagoon.

Learn about the way the First Nation People used the natural environment, the history of Nudgee Waterholes and the objects/items created for everyday use.

The Nyanda tours are designed to meet the requirements of school based learning. During the school tours the students learn about the history of the Nudgee Waterholes, the First Nation People, how the natural environment was used, the social events that united the tribes, and hands on participation in learning about the tools, objects and items created for everyday use.

Learn about the bush foods available in the natural environment and how they were used.

First Nation people sharing their knowledge and experience, to make the tour a valuable learning opportunity for students.

Schools can also organise to have stone tool making, basket weaving, black bean or boomerange painting workshops for classes, held in the Nudgee Waterholes facility on the grounds of the Banyo Football Club.

Throughout the tours the local language is incorporated into the information and student guide books.