Our Food

At Nyanda we love food…..a lot. In fact, maybe a little too much…

We are always constantly inspired by unique native Australian flavours, their versatility and compatability with flavours from all over the world and their ability to stand all on their own! Together we can explore and define the nature of a truly unique national cuisine and enjoy talking about it and eating it all in the process! 

We are into supporting the Indigenous supply chain and sourcing our products from Indigenous growers and cultivating our own supply of native herbs and fruits. 

Although what is of particular interest and importance to us at Nyanda is that the cultural IP of Australian First Nations people is respected and protected. We can all be the beneficiaries of this continent’s immense botanical diversity, but we must be mindful of our decisions, our collective purchasing and consumption behaviours and their ecological and social consequences. It is well known that Indigenous ownership within the native bushfoods industry is underrepresented and we think this is something that should be rectified and that Indigenous people should be front and centre of the native foods industry.


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