Corporate Tours

Corporate tours are designed to immerse the participant in the knowledge and experience of the First Nation People’s relationship to the Waterholes, the social interconnectedness of the regional tribes through ceremony, the knowledge and use of the natural resources of the area and a walk through the native foods bush garden, whilst walking through the well designed paths and boardwalks of the Nudgee Waterholes Reserve.

Corporate tours include bush foods experience through the smells and tastes of the native foods grown in the bush garden.

Corporate tours can have additional experiences added onto the tours such as:

  • Basket weaving
  • Stone tool knapping 
  • Fire stick smoking ceremony
  • Examining and handling hand crafted stone tools and learning about how they were created and the natural resources used

Tours can be tailored to the needs of corporate clients.

Cultural Heritage Training is an additional service provided for one or two day workshops that include the Waterholes Tour and bush food experience.

Training is designed to examine the purpose and application of the Aboriginal Cultrual Heritage Act 2003 (Qld) & the Torres Strait Islands Cultural Heritage Act 2003 (Qld) in a natural environment, so as to assist the participant with understanding and appreciating the context of natural landscape features and the presence of aboriginal cultural heritage

Corporate two day workshops will be designed to include a catered bush foods menu.